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Learning Mandrin Chinese

A very happy day!!

This is my 3rd day in the CI-Admu and I am very glad to add something on my learning tool. As I estimate, it will take 7years all in all to complete the entire mandarin program but I am glad because it will be a foundation for my career. Well, even though I learn mandarin and start to speak it in a fluent manner, my heart for statistics always lingers. So I am looking forward for an scholarship in asia someday. But I pray in singapore if God permits.

Learning in CI is a bit different as compared to common classes due to the activities and the manner of teaching that was employed to us. The scheme seems repetitive across lessons but it became more exciting as lesson increases so repetition of activity really maepkes everything effective.

The professors are good, “wu lao shi” is the name of my professor, she teach us very well and let us express ourselves in a more defined manner meaning express our learning.

The environment is very humane. You will not be shameful for every mistake (learning) because they will understand you for that.

Overall, CI really helps!!! I praise god for an opportunity to be a student of CI.


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