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Lessons I Learned from Children’s and Young Adult Literature

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blubberI’m about to admit something that many women in my age-group would be embarrassed to admit:  I have no significant childhood memories of reading Judy Blume.  I never read Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.  I never read Then Again, Maybe I Won’t.  I may have read Blubberbut the only thing I remember about it is the cover image of a girl standing in front of a blackboard with a whale drawn on it.

However, as an aficionado of children’s literature, I have an appreciation for how influential Judy Blume’s work has been and, with Blume’s book Tiger Eyes now a film, I feel inspired to salute the contribution of Blume and other children’s book authors by saying a bit about what kids’ books have taught me over the years.

ferdinandThe Story of Ferdinand

     by Munro Leaf:


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