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Revenge in The Count of Monte Cristo

I just watch the movie, its great! but a bit far from its roots. Great review!

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I recently “read” The Count of Monte Cristo (1844) by Alexandre Dumas by listening to it on CD.  It is number 65 on the BBC book list and some 117 chapters, so I knew the only way I would have time to get through it would be through listening to it on my long drives to school.  The best thing about listening to it was that I learned how to pronounce all of the names in the novel.


Clearly, the protagonist Edmond Dantès is a Christ or hero figure.  I wrote in detail about the hero cycle in my Harry Potter post, but to review, a hero faces great danger (usually as a child), has a mentor, descends to the underworld to complete his journey, comes back (or is resurrected), and usually saves his people, among other things.  Dantès fits this well.

He faces great danger at age 19…

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