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My Adventure to Mt. Manabu

Ouh! Its been months since I was able to post one of my adventure for this year. Now, Im back!! to share my recent adventure… “CHING!!”Β  My adventure to Mount Manabu.

Mount Manabu is a mountain within the Province of Batangas 3 hours away from Manila. This mountain is good for beginners who wanted to try Hiking.

Here is the picture of mount Manabu taken from

As to the Itinerary, there are 8 trails to pass through in order to reach the summit.

But before anything else, I just wanted to share these 5 tips to those who are interested to try Mountain hiking (specially for those first timers)

  1. Always follow the proper clothing advised by the organizers/mountaineers : Wear long-sleeves and cotton made trousers or anything not made of denim or dungaree cloth (even at the headstall setting of the sun) because there are “friendly environmental creatures” who wanted to protect themselves specially from strangers. These are the plants with hidden shields with them πŸ™‚
  2. Bring Water: Water is your life saver while completing the trails. The mountaineers advised us that 3 Liters is enough but as for the beginners, I advised you bring 5 Liters. As to my experience, it is very easy for the beginners to get thirst specially if your not used to have regular exercises.Bring Hat and Staff: these things will be your best friends while completing the trails. Hat to protect yourself from your best enemy above (the sun) and Staff to protect yourself from your best enemy below (the mud)
  3. Bring less baggage with you while completing the trails: As much as possible, bring a small bag pack with at least 4 (The very important: Plastic-this serves as your rubbish bin, water, towel & trail food) items inside. It is very hard to complete the trail with a lot of baggage with you.
  4. Remember this: “IT IS NOT A RACE, THE GOAL IS TO FINISH THE SUMMIT”: This is one of my biggest mistake when I was completing the trails. I get so much excited by the adventure to the point that I want to finished first. These thoughts led me to fall multiple times (to the point of kissing the mud). You have to preserve your energy even at the start of the adventure so just take it slow and walk with peace, enjoy the god given creatures (plants and even the insects)

That’s it! so here are the pictures taken while completing the trails.

This one is taken when I complete the first trail. There are different kind of birds and rabbit on that area and there is a seller of Buko Juice (Natural Coconut Juice)
This one is still on the first trail (the forest behind the birds)

his one is taken when I complete the second trail. this is the forest behind a certain Nipa Hut which also sell fresh Buko Juice
This is the Nipa Hut on the second Trail

Due to tiredness, I wasn’t able to take the picture of the 3rd and 4th trail 😦 However, there are some pictures of other mountaineers that I can use to show how wonderful this place is (Thank you “other mountaineers”)

Picture from (Many Thanks!)
Again, Picture from (Many Thanks!)

This one is taken below the muddy area where we are walking (fighting against the gravity :p )

Picture from (Many Thanks!)

This is the Cross at the top of the mountain (The height of this cross is twice as mine)

This is taken at the top of the mountain, the view Province of Batangas from above πŸ˜€ – Sorry haven’t taken the entire city from above

This is taken exactly at the top of the mountain πŸ˜€

As we go downwards (from the top of course!) due to tiredness I decided to buy this freshly pick-off Coconut Juice (Buko Juice). Very Delicious Indeed!! πŸ˜€


2 comments on “My Adventure to Mt. Manabu

  1. Claire
    July 24, 2013

    Wonderful post! Congrats for reaching the summit. I’m sure that’s quiet a great feat for you given that it’s your first time. I’m proud of you Angie for making it. I hope you never tire of widening your horizons and seeking more adventure in life.

    I can’t wait to read more of your travel stories.



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