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Remembering Old Manila

Manila, as everybody knows is the capital city of the Philippines. During the early 1900s (before the war) Manila is known as one of the most beautiful city in Asia due to its structures with European roots. Here are the surviving pictures of Manila and other historical parts of the National Capital Region that plays an important role in Filipino’s history and culture.

This is the picture of De Lasalle University during 1911 established in Calle Nozaleda (Gen. Luna) and currently located in Vito Cruz, Taft Avenue, Manila City.

This one is the Bureau of Science along Taft Avenue. It is very difficult to notice this structure due to buildings around the area. The structure is very different today.

Located on Taft Avenue and T.M. Kalaw, is the Casino Español de Manila. It was established as a club and social organization center for the Spaniards living in the Islands in 1844. Later on, the casino welcomed Filipinos to show the unity between Spain and the Philippines (Many Thanks to Old Manila Nostalgia)

Padre Burgos street in the late 1930s, it is in this street where important government buildings can be found (Post Office, Manila City Hall, and Legislative building). According to Lito Ligon, the tower of present cityhall is yet to be built based on this picture, is still a 3-story bahay-na-bato structure (Old Manila Nostalgia).

The late afternoon of a Viernes Santo in the walled city is where Manileños, dressed in black or white, commemorate the death of Christ with a procesión. The photo was taken in Good Friday in 1901 (Many Thanks to Old Manila Nostalgia)

The Santa Ana church used as military barracks during WWII

(Many Thanks to Old Manila Nostalgia)

The execution

Taken on Manila Santa Cruzan 1933 (Many Thanks to Old Manila Nostalgia)

The  money of early Filipinos during 1863

Santo Domingo church and the University of Santo Tomas (left) during the World War II (Many Thanks to Old Manila Nostalgia)

The ruins of the Ayuntamiento, was used by a private business and was later turned into a parking lot (Many Thanks to Old Manila Nostalgia)

An overview of the destruction of the walled city of Manila (Many Thanks to Old Manila Nostalgia)

A memorial to those who lost their lives from the Japanese massacre (Many Thanks to Old Manila Nostalgia)

The Corregidor nowadays (Many Thanks to Old Manila Walks)

This one is the picture of a middle class Filipino family during the Spanish era

An example of Mestiza. A spanish women possibly an Insulare (woman with good education- Many Thanks to Old Manila Nostalgia)

The Luneta during 1930s

The Luneta during 1930s with Army Navy Club (Many Thanks to Old Manila Nostalgia)

The Luneta of 1900s

The Luneta of 1915

The Luneta of 1960s

Picture taken from Manila Moderna Studio during 1915 (Many Thanks to Old Philippines)

I can’t believe that there is huge Tobacco that exist during early 1900s 😀  (Many Thanks to Old Philippines)

I thought flood only exist during our time, but there it is! Flood during 1950s 😀 Good thing that they can still smile despite of a tragedy 😀  (Many Thanks to Old Philippines)

The flood of 1904   (Many Thanks to Old Philippines)

Recto, Manila 1904  (Many Thanks to Old Philippines)

Flood in the PGH  during early 1900s

The Ayuntamiento or Casas Consistoriales was the seat of the city council of Manila. (Many Thanks to Old Philippines)

That’s it! Will look for more pictures of Old Manila in days to come and I will continually update this blog as much as possible. Thank you very much. By the way, special thanks to Old Philippines and (Many Thanks to Old Manila Nostalgia) for these pictures and for preserving the culture and history for our the next generation! Kudos!Old Manila Photo


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  6. Jack Tyler
    March 23, 2014

    Wonderful site – enjoyed it very much – informative and helpful to students of Filipino history and culture – one question – what was the story behind the execution?


  7. ruben s. hernando
    April 29, 2014

    Hello Ms. Angelica. I am very much interested in history (as old as I am) and a collector of old photographs, particularly those of Manila during the time of my parents. Your blog is very very interesting and your rare photographs are a pleasant surprise. I hope to see more of them. Keep up the good work. thanks


    • angelicafabillar
      June 11, 2015

      Hi sir, thank you very much for your comments. Actually these photographs are not mine i got them from 2-3 sites (of course i site them as reference). I have included a link on where you can find them. Thank you again.


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