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Where’s the evidence for Noah’s flood?

Ive been looking for this kind of review and Yes! I found this! many thanks you!

Grace with Salt

Many people believe proving that the story of Noah’s Ark and the flood is the key to people finally believing the accounts of Genesis to be accurate.  Well, what if the proof is already all around us and we have just chosen to ignore it?

The evidence for a worldwide flood IS all around you, it just depends what lens you use to view the evidence. When secularists look at the evidence they see millions of years of gradual decay and deposits. I see millions of dead things covered in sediment laid down very rapidly (since this is how fossils form). I believe the evidence for the flood is practically everywhere you look: mountain ranges, valleys, canyons, rivers, plate tectonics, geographic strata cutting across entire continents, marine fossils on tops of mountains, volcanoes, polar ice caps, the fact that the earth is still 2/3 water, and the immense fossil record.

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