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A Lesson About Beauty from French Women

Ca veut dire quoi?

“Beauty is not caused. It is.” -Emily Dickinson

Warning: this blog entry may be a bit girly-touchy-feely. If that’s not your thing (and truthfully, it’s not mine, but here we are), I apologize, and promise something positively brotastic (a word coined by my best friend and me) for my next post.

I spent my first four months here silently cursing French women for the same reason that, as a nerdy, awkward pre-teen, I cursed the popular girls. What reason is that?

Because next to the average French woman, with their smart fashion sense, soft features and spotless skin, I feel like the offspring of an ostrich and Napoleon Dynamite.

French women, each and every one of them, are effortlessly beautiful, and they are beautiful independently of one another, each in their own unique way. I have literally never seen a French woman that I thought was ugly. Are they genetically…

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