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My Adventure to Sagada, Mountain Province

Last week, I was encouraged to visit the coldest place in the Philippines… No it’s not Baguio (although its cold there too).. its SAGADA in Mountain Province. Its a 3-day vacation and as of this moment, will post here the Day 1 of my adventure.

Sagada is a place in the uppermost area in Mountain Province which is in the north east of Baguio City and in the west of Banaue Province.

This is the Welcome Arch of the Province of Banaue.

This area is in the leftmost part of the Arch.

The following pictures are the images of Rice Terraces at different views.

At the top of the “terraces” is a very cute Nippa Hut will a very small farm of Chickens. As I assumed, the owner (probably) is very fond of animal heads ๐Ÿ˜€

A beautiful plant within the Nippa hut. I am not sure if this is grown that way or it has been carved for visitors amusement.

This one is god, they call it “Anito“. I just don’t know what kind of God is this.

Our first adventure is to go to Baranggay Pa-tay (Town of the Dead) where the natives bury their relatives. This one is the view as w go to Baranggay Pa-tay (Town of the Dead)

Here we are, the Baranggay Pa-tay (Town of the Dead), according to our guide, natives are free to bury their dead in this area (no fees) however, they must maintain the cleanliness of the area. This part is where the natives bury those ordinary people of the community. However, if the dead is a priest orย  notable person of the community, his body will be placed in caves.

The following pictures are the views around the area of Baranggay Pa-tay.

This is the Hanging Coffins. This is where the native bury their priest or any notable person within the community.

This is the other place where they bury other priest or any notable person within the community (probably below the rank of those hanging) the natives put the bones of their love ones on the sides of the cave (spaces between rocks) for them to be closer to the nature.

Inside the Cave

Unfortunately, due to illness I am unable to join with my friends on the “Cave Connection” adventure.

According to them the completion of the “Cave connection” adventure takes a minimum of 5 hours. So, just imagine how tired they are when they arrived in the Inn ๐Ÿ˜€ As I observed to them, the adventure seems so fulfilling. This is the last part of our Day 1 adventure in Sagada! Will post the 2nd Day of Adventure soon.

I just wanted to thank my friends who allowed me to share their pictures, to GAFA Tours for taking care of us and the guides of SAGADA for being so friendly to us.


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