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Overcoming Weakness: The Trumpet of the Swan

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E. B. White’s The Trumpet of the Swan (1970) was not what I expected.  I expected a story much like Charlotte’s Web, with talking animals of course, but animals who stayed in their habitats and who perhaps interacted with young humans.

Instead, the book started this way, but then led to a young swan being born without a voice.  He finds his voice by taking up trumpeting.  He’s a trumpeter swan of course, but he plays the trumpet and ends up traveling all over the United States giving concerts and earning money to pay back the store owner for the trumpet.  This swan, aptly named Louis, gains the trumpet when his father crashes into the store and steals it.  Because Louis is nothing if not upright, he works to pay for the trumpet by playing it in public.

trumpet of the swan cover

I was moved by this story, despite its strangeness, because of…

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