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New Car Alarm Designed To Go Off When Networkers Take Pictures with Your Car

Agila News

Muntinlupa, Philippines – When 41yo Robert Torres bought his first Ferrari barely 2 years ago, it was like a dream come true – the car is the product of year of hard work in growing his chain of grocery stores. Now that dream is slowly turning into a nightmare thanks to the rise of networking schemes.

“At first, pakonti-konti lang eh. Every now and then, somebody walks up to my parked car, they strike a pose, and then leave. Okey lang yun, kasi ganun din ako nung pangarap ko pa lang magka Ferarri,” Robert narrates. But since the advent of Multi-level Marketing or Networking or Pyramid Scamming, the number of people taking pictures to pretend they have “made it” and are “self-made millionaires” have reached unbearable amounts.

IMG-20150509-WA0014 “What are you doing in my garage?”

“I can’t even back out of my driveway anymore without them blocking my way, pare. Even…

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