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Well, Angelica Welcome to your blog!!! Yey!

Its been a while since I refrain from blogging. I’ve been so busy these days about everything and anything under the Sun hahaha! I know some of you (or maybe all of you) have been to twitter these past few days…. Okay I’ll make it straight to the point…..

Do you know AlDub????

Picture Credits to @AlDubTarlacOFC

It’s a Filipino Love team… Actually a Phenomenal Filipino Love team. The question is… What is a LOVE TEAM? (For those who don’t know what It is 🙂 ) Filipinos are culturally Romantic and very fond of that thing called “Love” Its either love for family (we are family centered, by the way) or loving significant other or even friends. Majority of us the “Masa” (The people) often loved to see portrayals of “Love” on Television particularly a portrayal of “Love” between two souls (team). That’s why a “Love Team” was born. It literally means a Team (pair) that consist of two sweethearts. People, we have a freedom of expression, if my definition of love team is wrong, just post your comment 🙂

Well I supposed it started way back in pre-war era (I have watched Filipino films dated in 1930s and they also have that). What makes it different from other Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood, Lollywood or whatever “….wood” is that it last for years.. as if they are the ones meant for each other. Since it is a culture.. if it clicks, there will be a huge fan base for that Love Team and the fans will not allow their Love Team to be paired with other actress/actors. Otherwise, they are allowed to be paired with others till it clicks. Due to that huge fan base, the Philippine Entertainment Industry is earning millions because of it. That’s why this industry really invest on Love Teams.

Done explaining now 🙂 Okay back to me..

Picture credits from

I am a fan girl ever since I was in Grade four. I am really hooked with A1, Westlife, Backstreet Boys, N’sync etc.. even Asian series such as Meteor Garden, It started with a kiss, Boys over Flowers.. F4, Super Junior, Big bang, etc.. and much more.. but to tell all of you the truth… I’ve never been a fan of any Filipino Celebrity/Singer (before). We’ll call me Malansang Isda (rotting fish) but that’s the truth. I thought I am the only one with this kind of “disease” but I have some friends who have the same situation as I am. Gladly, we have similar observations: Cinderella formula, the two love birds will be siblings, recycled plot, celebrity formula, etc… That’s why my focus was always on foreign acts.

Well, my curiosity on local acts started with the movie “Diary ng Panget” (Diary of the Ugly); a Love Team of Nadine Lustre and James Read. I watch the movie because I was able to read its story on Wattpad (Overnight). After watching the movie, my stereotype over teen/local acts changes a bit and I find myself reading articles about them. They are good actors! However, it didn’t last that long (just a month after the movie). So again, I go back to my comfort zone… the foreign acts.

Hooked over AlDub

A picture from

I am a twitter person. I prefer Twitter over Facebook because majority of my clients (I’m a statistician by the way) are my Facebook friends and I really have to be careful on posting things on my Facebook . Ika nga sa TV, Think before you Click. Other than that, Nahihiya pa ko hahahahaha!!!!.. On the other hand, Twitter became my safe haven, I was able to post anything (still with caution) because none of my clients were my Twitter followers Yey!!!! But as of this moment (while writing this post), I am able to overcome my shyness.. I was able to post something about AlDub on Original Twitter account and Facebook hahaha!!!!

I have noticed that hashtags about AlDub dominates my twitter world.. So.. what is it all about? So I searched for it… then started to watch the uploaded Youtube videos from their fans. GRABE!! I’m laughing too hard.. I find them too cute and admirable actually. So here are the points that make me hooked about this Love Team.

P.S: I would recommend those videos uploaded by Whitedove, good quality and you’ll enjoy the commentaries from other viewers

First: I have learned to appreciate and admire local talents

One of my favorite OPM artist (Ctto

As I claim how Malansang Isda I was, I have learned to appreciate Filipino talents after watching this show consecutively. I find myself listening to Kyla, Martin Nievera, Regine Velasquez (Whooooh!!) and the rest of the Filipino talents that we have because I’ve heard their songs in Kalye Serye. I even watched some of the movie clips that were dubsmashed by Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub) -Filipino Movies-

It really makes me proud at some point because I never thought how blessed and talented Filipinos are. I always have this feeling only when Manny Pacqiuao won in boxing, when a Filipino talent joined reality TV show abroad, or when we won an international sports event…. but not in this case.. Well the thing is.. I am really sorry for myself for not being appreciative of what we have. My playlist is now full of OPM hahaahah!!!

Second: Filipino values RESTORED and importance of Women


Filipino values are something that are innate to Filipinos but due to modernization and being too westernized by the media, it seems that this side of every Filipinos fade. Specially nowadays that the youth are too consumed by the things that are “easy-to-access” this even hold the same when it comes to courtship.

Kalyeserye bring back these values. As if they shake the inner being of every Filipino to bring out who we really are at the first place. What makes it exciting is that the humor remains while reminding us the culture that we must be living in.


Fast-phase life of every Filipino is brought by the competition and modernization. Courtship became too fast and convenient that relationship is just a text a way. Kalyeserye thought us about having relationship in a Filipino way:

  1. The guy and the girl should have better known each other before they enter into a relationship
  2. They should use both their HEART and their BRAIN before entering a relationship
  3. The guy should be the one to make the first move
  4. The concept of giving gifts to the the girl’s family such as food and flowers
  5. He should ask for the permission of the girl’s family whenever they are about to go in a date
  6. Both of them should pay respect to the family of each other and pay attention on their advises

On the other hand, there are some things that were also restored beyond our culture

  1. Sending hand-written letters: I really find it so sweet because you’ll see the effort and the genuine feelings of the writer. It is something that is for keeps for forever – cannot be deleted nor editted
  2. Privacy: It emphasize the importance of privacy, that even though social media is there.. we shall not make it as if it is our diary. We must keep something on our own to protect ourselves as well as the people around us.
  3. Willingness to wait for the TAMANG PANAHON

I know there are some other points however, feel free on lay your comments below 🙂

Third: “God gave me you” #GGMY

I really beleive that AlDub or MaiDen is god given. I also believe that it is God who creates the love story of Alden and Maine. What’s good about this is that we are seeing a god written love story in a live show. So what does it tells us? THAT GOD’S PLAN IS BETTER THAT OUR OWN PLANS. There’s a verse in the bible:

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future

-Jeremiah 29:11

We often choose things because we are following the pattern of this world. That we have to do this and that to survive.. this even hold true even during the bible times.. but this show silently tells us the importance of PATIENTLY WAITING and being faithful that GOD really knows what he’s doing and that we have to do is to keep the faith and wait for the TAMANG PANAHON when he’s about to reveal his will.


This also tells us that we shall not be too lazy and dumb while waiting for that TAMANG PANAHON. Let GOD mold you/us so we will be ready when that right time comes (similar on how Lola Nidora mold Alden and Maine). This is the reason why it takes times for Alden and Maine to be with each other. Even though Tamang Panahon Event was just a starting point of their getting to know each other, it creates a pathway for them to be ready on what will going to happen to their relationship in the future – whether it is reel or real.

The truth: Because of the super dooper thin wall between reel and real, I won’t be surprise if they will be in a relationship for real few months after the Tamang Panahon Event.

Fourth: The reality of FOREVER!!


Well.. I am not a hopeless romantic… I really believe in forever.. not just because I am a Christian but because I see them around.. my parents is a good example of forever.. my friends and even my church mates. But what I think makes it too patok (a hit) to everyone is that it makes you believe in Forever and the reality of it. It teaches us that waiting for your FOREVER is not just a matter on WAITING and HOPING.. you have to improve and prove your self while WAITING and HOPING so when the TAMANG PANAHON (The Right Time) comes your ready na…  As of this moment…the TAMANG PANAHON (*sparkle* The Right Time *sparkle*) happened already! hahah!!


That’s even true in reality right? I am a fan of Kalyeserye.. I really observed how this “LOVE” blossomed from Day 1 up to the present.. LOVE is indeed a journey.. it didn’t happen with just a blink of an eye. It blossom across time (even though they are not talking).. the more challenges you face together plus the trust and faith, more likely the love will bloom. It even mold your attitude and determination.


What I see in Kalye Serye is beyond what I expect. The characters were not given a script to look at, the writers will just give instructions so the cast have to be intelligent, quick to act on and professional. Its pretty obvious when Maine Mendoza accidentally fainted, the cast still continue the show and the flow looks as if everything were planned.

Ctto GMA News

One of our pastors is a former TV personality who had been in Eat Bulaga. He said that when he was in Eat Bulaga.. the writers and staff (probably) will just gave them a situation and they will just act on it. No Scripts. Everything is really Spontaneous. Yes! I observed this in Kalyeserye from Day 1.. they are spontaneous.. that’s why whenever Eat Bulaga upload videos.. there’s always a cut… there are a lot of anticipated scenes that the writers nor the video editor are unaware of..

Sixth: I want to learn theater acting with musical because of Wally Bayola

Ctto GMA News

Well.. well.. well It’s my ultimate dream.. to be a theater actress hahahaa!!! But then I am a statistician.. But look!! I just enroll in Prelude for a Voice Lesson so I will know how to sing and later on theater acting naman.. hahaha!!

The Question is… How can this help US (the viewers) and the Philippine Economy?

An image from

Actually, there is an INDIRECT EFFECT between AlDub and the Economy of the Philippines. Last month, i think.. A talk show/segment in CNN Philippines that features a discussion about AlDub. And I was shocked… SURPRISE! indeed to know that only 1/3 of the tweets about AlDub are from the Philippines while 2/3 are from the rest of the world. And take note… these 2/3 are for sure the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who worked hard for their families back home and contributes so much for the economy of the Philippines. An interview was conducted on some of these OFWs and they say that Kalyeserye brought them back home, it fulfills their longing for the country and gives them laugh as well. Here is the video of the interview

Also, due to their popularity.. a Fast Food Chain caught them as an endorser and VIOLA!!! the sales of that FFC raise  up to staggering 470%!!  It was reported (just red this in a newspaper though) that the employers of this FFC will be giving Christmas bonuses to its employees. I think its usual for this FFC to give Christmas bonuses to its employees however their might be a significant increase to its value for sure!

Well.. there are overflowing offers for these two… and sales increase always comes in.. Here is an interview from Bloomberg TV Philippines from Mcdonalds and Century Pacific

As a consumer, I am even delighted to buy some of the products endorsed by AlDub not because I use them already but because I know how genuine they are as being an endorser of those brand. Being intelligent that they are, I believe that before they totally hold accountable on endorsing those, they analyze those offers first. Good thing that the TAPE Management itself were also involved on what to accept and what to decline.


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