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The perks of being a Wanderer

Does love have different faces?

Does these faces created by human’s emotion or by circumstances or through a divine being?

Personally, I haven’t experienced being cuddled nor loved by a significant other. But by seeing other people who had been able to experience this and are currently experiencing it, I observed how their perspective and outlook differs from the rest of the flock.

This observation became my new adventure in recent days as a self-claimed Wanderer!

I think LOVE have different faces, indeed a lot of faces.. but these faces are unique that the presence of a divine intervention on each story is very evident.



I have a friend who will be having a wedding sooner probably anytime within 2016. Well shes a very kind friend with a fluffy heart and to tell you the truth, that guy is very blessed indeed to have her. Because of her, I have noticed something on those girls who are about to get wed or are able to find their prince charming earlier than usual.

REALIZATION #1: These are the people who have thought and prayed for their prince earlier in their life

















I have noticed that these girls (whom I have known with the same criteria) really know what they want even at the earlier age. Indeed, these people are smart and really in faith of their goals. I also have noticed that even though they are praying for a significant other, they know there is an uncontrollable instance that might be shown by the divine being latter in their life.

REALIZATION #2: They have created a “bucket” list of personalities that they are hoping for and are in faith.

These things.. yes very evident! This list consist of negotiable and non-negotiable traits of their prince.

REALIZATION #3: They have a kind heart

I think, having this attitude will really keep a relationship going. The way you treat your family and friends even the strangers define who you really are. Also, with the way they treat others and keeping their feet on the ground despite of success in life.

REALIZATION #4: They have best friends

Friendship is a good foundation for a long lasting relationship. It is said, the way you treat your best friend is exactly they way you will treat your significant other.However, I believe it varies with attitude.

P.S: I do have claimed best friends but I treat them differently. Well, its because of their attitude, they have a varying attitude indeed 🙂 The truth, haven’t found that will match mine yet 🙂 but because I am dynamic.. I can go through with them..

REALIZATION #5: They possess a characteristics of an ideal wife.

Indeed, it started with a kind heart and how they are able to build a good friendship as a good foundation of lasting relationship – specially in building family. They are also submissive and responsible. As what I have “claimed” a while a go, they are aware that things might won’t go the way they wanted it to be that’s why they acknowledge help from others – specially from the Lord. In line with this, they are God fearing and protective not just for their significant other but for themselves as well.

REALIZATION #6: They are secure of who they are

This is very important, the love for themselves. I observed that they are secure of who they are. I see them the ones who fall easily but are able to manage their feelings for long term benefits. You can see their pain-because they can’t hide it immediately.. but they are strong internally. That is where security starts in.. they acknowledged god on how he created them and still in compose.

Well, these are all my opinion.. for sure you have yours 🙂 Kindly share those by dropping a comment below 🙂 will be very glad to read yours!


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