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A Story Without a Title (II)

, , , , , , .Hi Guys! First of all, thank you very much for those who press: Like, Favorite, Follow and those who view this story 🙂 As you see I can’t  think of any title yet for this story.. Do you have any idea on what should be its title?

By the way… How do you find Angela? Do you find her  friendly or nice? Annoying? Unprofessional? Hahaha!! We will discover other things about her in few post to come 🙂

Chapter II

The first picture of this photo album is very special for me. Something that I have never planned nor expected.. Who would have thought that a lad that was accidentally captured by a photo will be a life changer and a companion.. FOREVER?

Flashback: March 24 2011, 10:30 AM; Trinoma Mall Coffee bean and Tea Leaf 3rd Floor Garden

I have a scheduled meeting with a South Asian client at 9am that day. Just an ordinary working day as usual! Ms. S (A dentistry client) was already there 30 minutes before the scheduled meeting. Whenever I encounter these kinds of people, I always felt ashamed because I often – most of the time actually – arrived 15 minutes or 30 minutes late from the said time given that I am the one who set the time of the meeting. What’s worst is that our house is just 15 minutes away from this mall.

Anyways, what makes this day miraculous is that I was able to arrive exactly 10:30am at our meeting place. This is when I started to realize something. Being on-time will give you peace of mind. How I wish I was able to realize this thing a year ago, but still I want to make it a stepping stone for a change.

It’s not the fault of the Traffic (I shall never blame the everyday traffic congestion in EDSA), It’s my mindset and lifestyle that I have to change. There are a lot of people who suffer tremendously on commuting than I am but they are able to arrive on time.

Well, I think my realization pulls me on different issue.. let’s go back to my client. This day is the “discussion” day. Basically, I set an initial meeting with my client to get their data and for the discussion of the flow of their research, the second the meeting will be discussion of results and payment. This is our second meeting. Well, its 10:30 AM, this is the usual opening hour of every mall around the metro.. so I am really expecting that there are plenty of people around. I really love that kind of environment.

I arrived at exactly 10:30 AM and I saw her assessing the result that I send last night. “Hello Ms S, how are you? Have you seen the results?” I ask her, I just stare at her trying to understand her thoughts about my output “Yes actually I’m checking this now.. I think I will be having few questions.. but basically I was able to grasp the flow” Well! I really feel the happiness upon hearing this 🙂 So imagine my smile..

Ctto: A smile like no other

Anyway, the meeting only took an hour. Everything went well as what I am aiming it to be. “Can I have a picture you?” I was a bit shocked because this is the first time-ever that a client ask for a picture with me.. well! maybe she’s too satisfied with the service that I’ve rendered.. who knows? haha! She took a “groupie picture” of us and check each pictures.. I think she’s examining how good she is on every picture.

As I said a while ago.. I am really expecting that there are plenty of people around but.. while we are in the midst of discussion.. we have noticed that there are a lot of people roaming around the area.. these aren’t customers.. I am sure of that.. not even the mall goers.. they look like roaming around because of someone. These girls walk around outside the window glass of the coffee shop but they do not go inside the caffè. They raise their smartphones as if their are trying to capture someone inside. Of course they are not after us…

“Are those paparazzi? I never thought that paparazzi in Manila were young as those girls..” She exclaimed “Paparazzi? why? I mean here?” I asked confusingly. The thing is.. I think we are the only ones who are inside the caffè. Ms S ask me if the picture she chose was fine with me. Upon assessment, It looks fine.. her smile is beautiful and mine is acceptable (Well, I am not too keen with my pictures so whatever it will be.. it’s acceptable for me) but what makes it a bit “annoying” as I may describe it is, that there is someone behind us who look at the camera when it flashed. He’s tall, wearing a black cap a black t-shirt and it looks like he’s reading a book – in the picture it looks like he’s reading a book and was just disturbed by the flash.

Ms S feels good about the picture so I just let her enjoy the picture.. I didn’t ask for a copy though.

The ladies -as well as the women- keep on coming. Some are customers but most of them looks like casual enquirer with smartphones and keep on capturing someone inside.. and this keeps me wondering till we left the coffee shop.

Actually, it’s my birthday. So after the meeting I immediately go home check my notification in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social Media addict uh? Everyone greeted a “Happy Birthday” Message around. I want to reward myself on this very special day.. Since these past few days seems so hectic for me. I reward myself a good sleep 🙂

After 5 hours of sleeping. I nap a bit and started to eat anything I saw inside the refrigerator.. I have my quite time then and check my notifications afterwards. I received 17 notifications on Facebook and 35 on Twitter, 23 on Instagram with similar pictures. and some of those are from – a showbiz site. I started to wonder why these people tagged and messaged me just because of this.

In the news: Fitz Ycrad will be the new leading man fora period drama to be aired this 15th of July.

there are a lot of details stated in the article but what captures me the most is the statement:

“… he was spotted in a caffe in Quezon City this morning wearing…. “

and a picture beside the article is similar to the man I saw in the caffe this morning – tall, wearing a black cap a black t-shirt and he’s reading a book. The picture contains him, and… me and my client.. we are captured as well… 😮 !!! SO now I understand why there are “paparazzi” around the area a while ago. Our photo bomber is a celebrity

The truth? I am not too familiar with celebrities on TV, maybe its because I am not watching television that much since I start working.. except when Azkals (The National Football Team) has a game outside or inside the country. But other than that.. I’m very limited with the information from the Entertainment Industry. So I think that’s the reason why my social media friends are tagging me.. Hahaha! I think I am famous as well 🙂 Haha~

After an hour, my client Ms S emailed the picture she had taken during our meeting.

“..Hi Angel! Thank you for the results you presented a while ago, I was enlightened on the flow of this research.. Finally!  Anyway, I want to share this photo with you. I’ll recommend you to my classmates as well..”

That picture is the clearer and nearer version as compared to other pictures that were tagged to me just this afternoon.. Yes! the photo bomber is looking at the camera! I really appreciate the effort of my client for taking time expressing her gratitude over my work and sharing her remembrance of us. Though the weight is somehow special, I see this picture something to keep online instead of printing… during that time.

While I am editing the picture, just to enhance its color, I have notice something on the book being red by the “photo bomber celebrity”. It looks like a book with a leather cover, and content presented in columns with highlights.. not from the book.. but from the owner.. the design seems something I’ve seen before… I know it! I started to look for it.. It took 10 minutes for me to figure out where it is..

YES! I’m right! he’s reading a Bible… and the design is similar to mine.


Well.. I’m not really into it.. but I am really curious on which part of the Bible is he meditating on. This is my first time investigating something from a celebrity… REALLY!!!

As I zoom in that “Bible” part of the picture, I observed that the book is open thicker on the left side.. so I am sure its probably on the New Testament. I increase the midtone – so you see I’m not using Photoshop.. Its just Microsoft Picture Editor hahaha!! Anyway.. uhm… Its Romans… 8…As I gazed upon the only highlighted area of the book, its…. 28??

Oh!! Romans 8:28 🙂

Is he struggling on something in life?
A promise maybe…


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