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A Story Without A Title (III)

As I keep on checking the photo album, thinking about the memories of each picture. I stumbled upon a picture… an old picture of Manila before the World War II. I got a copy of this image from because It was made available to the public few years back. This photo has a lot of memories to my grand-parents and to me..

Chapter III


My grand mother told me that she used to visit The Santa Anna Cabaret when she was young. In fact, that is where she met my grand father. She shared pictures on different places in manila that she used to visit before but I am shocked when she showed me a picture of a Bullfight of late 1800s


Well that’s a bit creepy for me because I know how harsh it is during the fight.. Pwehww 😌

My grandparents are gone now, but I still keep those memories with me and seeing those picture online entices me (I got this feeling of being relieved after seeing those, it gives me an assurance that history will be at least filed safely 😊 ).


Well, a couple of months passed.. It was advertised that The Santa Anna Cabaret will be available for visitations for tourist. I got excited because I don’t even know where it is and what it looked exactly.


It was 27th of June when I came to visit the Santa Anna Cabaret. It was a nice place indeed and very wide. Its way too different than the bars and discos that we have in our present time. Only few visitors came on that day, well I’m so happy because I am not used to crowded place. Similar to the picture that my grandmother showed to me, the place is wider that I thought. As I roam around the former cabaret, I stumbled upon the wall and the design engraved to it as well as the side pillars. There are pictures in it that shows the life of the people before the war. I know that we are under the american colonization at that time, but it looks to me that the ambiance of the Spaniards are still around years before the 2nd world war.


I keep on roaming around and checking out pictures of the old times.. I keep on standing in an image of a beauty queen of 1912 and keep on checking the image and its description,. Suddenly, there was a lady walking just behind me shouting “Fitz”


ccto: manila carnivals

“That name sounds familiar” I said to my self. Still, I keep on staring at the description of the image of Seniorita Pacita de Guzman, the beauty queen. It shouted again, “Fitz! … Fitz Ycrad!!” Hearing it stops me from reading the description of the image and makes my head turn 360 degrees.. JOKE! just 45 degrees.


Now I know why the name sounds familiar to me, he is the photo bomber on my clients photo. Well, he don’t have a hat anymore and his face is clearer now than the picture that my client have captured. He’s wearing a hoodie, a short just within the knee and holding a 2 small books I guess.  His a bit cuter in person and taller than I imagine him would be, fair skinned and he looks human 😵 (of course he’s human but seeing celebrity in person without make-up and being with casual people makes them more like … everybody 👯 )

The lady shouting at my back recognized him, well we’re only three on that area. The truth? I felt I bit shy and uncomfortable knowing he’s there.. I don’t know! So I just switch on another area.. a more comfortable one. I immediately go to the terrace where the garden can be seen, I never thought that cabaret at that time still have garden… well its 1800!. I just stay there…. just to ease the uncomfortable feeling that I have been and to enjoy the scenery of the old times. I few minutes later..

“Its more comfortable here”

I looked on the right side and

…… to be continued


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