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Hello Last Hope! …. Goodbye!

Well, here I am AGAIN with my overly dramatic and extensively emotional with a twist of being too pitiful self.. while saying goodbye to my dear Last Hope 😦

Do you know who Last Hope is?

“Last Hope” is a noun (at least for me). She’s my invisible self roaming around when opportunity comes. She came unexpectedly when I need her … but then was blocked by the witch that threatens all of my hopes ALL THE TIME!


Well let me tell you a story..

I am applying for a university scholarship. Its always been my dream to study abroad but I always fail on scholarship applications and the worst thing about that is the effort and time wasted on unsecured and unsure things. I really felt hopeless 😦


Well, one of the things that hinders me aside from the fact that I failed on ALL of my scholarship applications, is that I don’t have enough money to sustain study abroad and no one will lend me finances specially when they know that I am a freelance statistician even if I earn much (It gives them a signal of uncertainty). I understand that banks nor loan programs also is after security ~ because that’s part of their job.

Then comes the Distance Learning…


Distance Learning gives people an opportunity to earn a credit/degree/course in the comfort of wherever they are through the help of internet and Laptop/PC. This is way cheaper than the actual study abroad because the tuition fees are cheaper (50% less of the actual fee you have to pay when study abroad), one don’t have to save for passport, accommodation, monthly budget for food, visa, etc.. Distance Learning programs are designed for overseas students and working people so they offer good payment terms and longer study interval. Then another good thing about it, you will graduate in the university that offered you the degree. Of course there’s a consequences over this option but I set those things behind for a while.

Overall… I felt hitting a JACKPOT 😀


After the super dramatic failure on having my all time dreamed scholarship, I prayed and start assessing my financial capacity to earn a degree that leads me to consider Distance Learning instead. So because of these things, my hope came back again 😀


and there’s light in the dark! I really love HOPE


But then, everything starts to crush 😦 Our house is owned by my parent’s employer. Our family was allowed to live here as long as my parents keep on working for their employers business. So they did, for 25 years straight! We only pay $20.00 a month for a 60 square-meter house located in the heart Metro Manila (A similar house when rented outside will cost $2100.00 a month). However, the employer died recently which means that our house is at steak. None of the employers close relatives are interested with the business which means that our house will be on sale sooner.

giphy (1).gif

Then we end up looking for a new house, we have found a very favorable one but it cost the distance learning degree that I’m yearning for. So I am torn between two lovers: The Wants VS The Needs.

So that’s it! I’m so happy expressing what I am feeling right now. Probably there’s more to come!



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