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Hello there! I am Acilegna, I am 24 years old now… Well, Aside from being a wanderer.. I also have an “occupation”.

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My hobbies are the following: Blogging, Wandering, Eating, 🙂

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Well, as you see on some of my blog post.. Yeah! I am also fond of fan-girling. I have been to boy bands and groups, Kpop and a lot of Asian pop groups (Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Israel, India, etc.). However, I am through with those and started to appreciate our own talents 🙂 (So glad for me)

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I do have a strong belief on someones’ freedom and his/her capabilities shall not be limited by his/her environment. Extension of skills and exploring ones abilities are great importance for me. That’s why I prefer to work as a Freelancer before. Its not just being a boss and work on your own but for exploring the world while I work. As a freelancer, my job requires me to travel (within NCR, Philippines) so I can extend my services to my clients. Most of the time, I am tired but that dull feeling was always replaced by JOY because I really love what I am doing.

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Along my journey to Forever, I have noticed that God’s plan for humanity is beyond on what we are expecting or wants. So I explore being an “employee” again and it really change my perspective indeed 🙂 I can say that my first love (which is being a Freelancer) still lingers in me and it will never change but my unwanted views on some issues before suddenly enlightened thus, my approach towards being an employee also changes.

I still believe that work or having a job is not equivalent of earning money and success. Acquiring a job is your opportunity to apply what you’ve learned and improve yourself to be excellent. If ones goal is just to earn money, he’ll continually be a slave of money and will not be able to enjoy his wealth. We, as workers must enjoy our job and took it as an opportunity to excel. One of God’s greatest gift to humanity is ones ability to enjoy whats his doing. Then, financial prosperity and success will come in.

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I am a huge fan of Jane Austen! I am dreaming of becoming a Princess ever since I was a child and seeing Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy in Pemberly is one of my weirdest dream ever. I also want to ride in a Unicorn and learn how to fly (when I was a child, I believe that I have imaginary wings)

P.S. Once I’m in the UK, I will visit Pemberly (in Ireland.. or where it might be) and take a selfie with the 1/4 body statue of Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy (the one they use in Pride and Prejudice movie) with a caption “Hello Fitzwilliam”

I also have a “Realistic” dream actually 🙂 Hahaha!! I want to help my community using statistics and research. I can say that I haven’t mastered these qualities that much as compared to others who are much older than me but I am very willing to learn and explore anything and everything under the sun so I can help my community effectively. Financial difficulties is not an excuse to help though. This is what I have learned through Volunteering on some of the organizations before. Because most of the time, it is the heart and effort that counts.. actually ones presence when a need exist has a lot of importance 🙂 Volunteerism and a heart creates money after all 🙂

So.. here are some of the weirdest information about me 🙂 I hope you will enjoy my blog 🙂

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Thank you!


2 comments on “About Me :)

  1. tom
    April 26, 2014


    I saw your website is promoting beautiful places in the Philippines.

    I am starting a site for OFW to see the Philippines, Based in Toronto Canada.

    How can i utilize your picture? write up? any video?

    how can we work together “”bayanihan” way..



    • angelicafabillar
      June 11, 2015

      Hi tom, those pictures are not mine actually. Those are compilation of travel photos of my facebook friends (I ask for permissions of course). I am also a traveler, I can help maybe.. on some areas but not all of it..


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