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These past few days I find myself wandering where and how to have a good sleep. AM I too exhausted with everything and anything under the sun or because of commitments/work?

Bare with my condition, It’s really hard to have swinging mindset. But then I really wanted help myself.

Prayer.. I think that’s what I am lacking of. Due to a lot of worries in life, I forgot to talk to God like what I did before. I am too consumed with the world I am living in.

Yes, I can say I have changed much… so much changes than I was before. On a positive note, I am lighten up a bit but then worries comes in… and its overflowing. Thank God I can still post anything here without anyone knowing nor reading it 🙂

A lot of worries, let’s take Financial worries as an example. Promissory note, BIR, Scholarship, debts.. but then I know God will provide that’s why I don’t think of those that much before! But suddenly.. as time passes by, I start to worry those.. probably it’s lack of faith.

Time is all I need.. Time is all I need..



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